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Entry 2

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Why don't I? I see no reason not to . . . but if the answer is no, then what comes of me? I will likely grow as a human, though the man is farthest from the truth. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, they say. But I digress . . . What . . . No. I will ask, , , no better, say . . . on Wed . . . She is beautiful.

No one, not her, not anyone, knows of said feelings, the only feelings I have left. If the ans. to my comment is something unexpected, so be it, . . probably better for me . . . but no, why say anything? Rejection is not something I'm used to, nor is acceptance.

My life is isolated. Just tonight, Mere. didn't even come close to me . . . What that means, I know not. likely, she is contented with her BF, but this may not be true . . . What if I killed every guy that opposes me? but No, I cannot, as such an act would weigh heavily on even my consience. . .

Isolationism is a way of life for those of my kind. We fear only what will happen if we don't fear. we detest nothing exsept that which is without reason. we find answers to all-but-nothing in our quests for logic. "lonely" is not a word to my kind. it is only a . . . a . . . it is only there.

Back to the subj . . . No, back to the branch of the subject . . . No. back to Nothing. My path is set.

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