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Spell for Good Fishing

From the Ancient Christian Magic

Spell 130:

Text from London Oriental Manuscript 6795:

Greetings, father!
Greetings, son!
Greetings, holy spirit!

Come to me today, O life breath of god almighty, from the four sides of the earth and the four corners of the entire world.

O you who granted a collection to Tobias son of Tobit, who appointedhis archangel Raphael for him! He walked with him upon the sea and caught a fish; its gall gave light to the blind, its liver cast out a demon. This is his name: Asmodeus.

O you who came to his apostles upon the sea! Peter said to him, "Lord, we have laboured a lot, yet nothing has shown up." The lord said to him, "Cast your nets to the right side of the boat and you will find something." They cast them and discovered one hundred fifty-three fish.

You are the one whom I invoke today, I, Severus son of Joanna.

So you must ordain Raphael the archangel for me, and he must collect every species of fish for me to the place where your figure and your amulet will be, just as a shepherd collects his sheep in their sheepfold and blesses them, so they neither become foul nor get lost, and grants favour to them before the entire race of Adam and all the children of Zoe. And strengthen the net, so it will not receive, it will not catch, until it delivers all of them to my hands.

I am Severus, son of Joanna.

Yea, yea, for I adjure you yourself.

i adjure you by the seven firey angels within whom you were hidden before you wanted to reveal that the universe had come into being.


Yea, yea, for I adjure you by your true tabernacle, within which you were hidden before you created the universe.


I adjure you by YAK PIAK SACHORAK PH. . .L SABLAN ATHANABLA ACHRAMACHAMARIOTH. These are the ones who brought you the clay, and you formed Adam.

Again, therefore, O god, we have named you "Jesus." You ordained your holy apostles for yourself, and they served you. Ordain for me myself, today-- me, Severus, son of Joanna-- Raphael your archangel, and let him collect every species of fish for me, from end to end of the earth, north, south, east, and west, to the place where your figure and your amulets will be.

At once, at once, at once,
Now, now, now!

(to the left of the drawing)
-a glass pot; flowing beneath it immaterial water; a lamp; genuine olive oil.

(to the right of the drawing)
-calamus extract; wild mastic; frankincense; clay censer; white charcoal . . . .

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