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Creation of sigils:

I first learned how to create sigils in Insomnia, a dive of a coffee shop, on a Thursday night after a PSA meeting. A large man whom Joann knew was in the shop that night, and Joann, Faith, and I talked to him for a while. He mentioned Sigil Magic at one point, and this caught my interest.

"How do you do that?" I asked, having never heard of a Sigil before.

He looked at me for a moment, perhaps considering whether to let me in on the secret. "Well," he said, "it goes something like this:"

He pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil, and began to write.

"You start with the words 'This my will' every time. Those words are the driving force of the spell." He wrote the words 'This my will' at the top of the page. "Now, what do you want?"

I had no idea what to ask for. Up to this point, I thought everything in Magic was bright, shiny, and cheerful. 'Magic isn't done for the self,' I thought. Here began my view into another world, one that I'd see inviting me for the rest of my days.

Seeing my hesitation, he chose for me, "Your will is to have a date in the next six months." He scribbled for a moment, then showed me the finished product:

"THIS MY WILL, TO HAVE A DATE IN THE NEXT SIX MONTHS." was written across the top of the page.

"Now, we take the spell and remove all the duplicate letters, like so:" and again he scribbles and shows me the finished product:

"THIS MY WILL, TO HAVE A DATE IN THE NEXT SIX MONTHS." He has struck through all the letters that had all ready occurred, so that each existed only once. He had written them all out below: "THISMYWLOAVEDNX"

"They all start with 'THISMYWL' because of the first three words," he said, explaining the odd word that had been formed.

"Okay, next we start to draw the Sigil. What we're going to do is put all the letters we've used into the Sigil. Since we have an 'O', let's start with that."

He drew a large circle onto the page, saying, "The ones with 'O's are nice because they give the Sigil a good shape:"

"Next, let's add the other letters." He added the "T" first, keeping it contained in the "O".

This was followed by another line to create the "H". It also, by default, created the "I" and the "L".

He continued to add letters, doing "S", "M", "Y", "V", "N", and "W" all pretty much at once, with three more lines.

Next, he added one line for the "A", which also covered the "E". A sweeping curve was added to make the "D".

Finally, one more line was added for the "X".

Despite covering the letters before, he would go over them in order, tracing them with his pencil even if they were already created within the Sigil.

After looking at the paper for a moment and counting the letters to make sure he had put them all in, he turned to me.  "Okay," he said. "Now it's time to put this thing to good use.  Here are the instructions:" As he spoke them, he wrote them.

"First, create the Sigil."
"Second, memorize the Sigil"
"Third, orgasm."
"Fourth, destroy the Sigil."
"Finally, watch TV."

At that point, I couldn't hold it anymore, and I busted out laughing. "Explain this to me, please?" I asked between swallows of air. "Orgasm, then watch TV?"

"Okay," he said, somehow very seriously. "Let's go through this step-by-step."

"You create the Sigil and focus your will into it. Next, you burn it into your consciousness so that you can visualize it at the drop of a hat. Then you find some way to release your energy while being focused on the Sigil. I just happen to find orgasm as the time that I'm most focused. Once you have released the energy, you need to destroy the Sigil to give a physical release to it. Watching TV helps you forget it, which is vital." He looked at me for a moment, then said, "Does that make more sense?"

"Yes, it does." I wasn't laughing anymore by now, but the amusement was still in the back of my mind. "Do you have any further suggestions for these?"

"Well," he said, sitting back, "I'd destroy them by fire. You can put one over your door so that you look at it every day. Another idea is to draw up a bunch and stash them in a shoe box so that they're random. Pull out one a week and use it. That way, you don't have to forget what it was." He stopped for a moment to drink his coffee, which had become a bit tepid by now, and then continued, "My favorite way of using these things is to paste one to my forehead so I can't see it, and past one to my lover's forehead. As we're having sex, we're focused on the Sigils, and we put all our energy into it at the point of mutual orgasm. We just destroy them after sex. Of course, you can also do them alone, achieving orgasm through masturbation."

I thanked the man for his time, and he gave me the example. I took it home and transcribed it into a journal.

The point of this whole story is that it's possible to achieve gnosis through sexual ecstasy. Gnosis here is defined (loosely) as the state where you feel a oneness and closeness with the universe/divinity/yourself/whatever. It is the state where the impressionable part of your mind is left wide open and things can happen to completely change your metastructural reality. It is the state in which Magic is possible. If you have ever dealt with Magic, use the feeling that you have when you know the Magic is working as your base for the word "Gnosis".

There are, of course, other ways to achieve gnosis. Personally, I think that sexual ecstasy is a good base level, introductory way to figure out gnosis and I don't use it anymore.

I can already hear the people shouting and screeching that sexual ecstasy is an advanced set of techniques and beginners shouldn't try it. They're talking about something completely different.

I'm talking about sexual ecstasy for the magician. In this, the other person can be used as a tool or as a crutch. Anyone can do it with anyone else. If you take the simple Sigil Magic description above, you'll see that the other person doesn't have to even be aware that they're involved in a spell. Heck, there doesn't even need to be another person.

Let's discuss masturbation first. Create a Sigil to visualize if you need it, or simply create an intent. Focus on that Sigil or intent until it's easy to get to in your subconscious. Now, pick your poison: pornographic videos, dirty magazines, fantasies of the guy/girl next door, I don't care. Build yourself to orgasm using whatever means you require. As you approach, remind yourself why you're doing this. If you've started out with magical intent, then that intent will manifest itself in some way depending on how you direct the upcoming gnosis. You must be very, very careful to channel the energy into your intent, not into your manner of achieving gnosis. Make sure that you are visualizing your intent or your Sigil at the moments prior to, during, and immediately after orgasm. Mute the movie, throw away the magazine, or cease the fantasies, because they will affect how things are manifested.

As an example, I was trying this out one day my freshman year. I was hoping to pass a math test (this was easier than studying), but the intent was time-limited to the quarter (I didn't think I'd need to pass the math test next quarter if I passed it this quarter). I used the fantasy of a girl I knew at the time to build up, but I never switched focus (i.e. I was still thinking of her at orgasm). The Sigil I had drawn was never visualized, but I did visualize the girl. The time-limit was stuck back in the recesses of my mind, so I wasn't consciously thinking about it, but it did exist. When I hit gnosis, the girl was placed with the original intent, and was mapped onto the time-limit.

Needless to say, I had a girlfriend for about a month (from the end of the quarter), and then she stopped talking to me (at the beginning of the next quarter), and I haven't heard from her since. I also failed my math class.

So let's move on to couples performing Sex or Sigil Magic. In this case, both parties do not need to be aware of the intent, or even that Magic is occurring. The couple does not need to have worked together before, nor to they need to even be each other's primary partner. Many Magicians have a person who they are not romantically involved with that they perform Sex Magic with, and it's rare to find a Magician who won't jump at the chance to work Sex or Sigil Magic with another Magician, or to teach it to another, even if they're romantically involved with another person.

In couples Sex and Sigil Magic, only one partner needs to know about the intent or the Sigil. The other person does not need to be informed that they are being used to create this Magic. It may sound dishonest to not let the other person know what is going on, but the person is not being manipulated, nor are they receiving less attention.

Positions that minimize work and maximize experience are recommended for this type of Sex Magic. Receiving oral sex is also excellent.

A note on fantasies: We all fantasize about other people. Fantasies about people other than your primary partner may decrease over time and with increased happiness with that partner, but every person occasionally fantasizes about another. I rarely fantasize about anyone other than my girlfriend, but I do occasionally fantasize about 2 other girls. If you're in a steady relationship, though, don't make the mistake I did in the example above and create an intent and forget to switch focus. That could be very, very bad for your steady relationship.

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