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Hiking with Mazi:

Or, We Peed in Your Sacred River: A Travelogue

To explain the subtitle: Mazi and I were discussing our upcoming trip to hike the Ganges. The conversation went something like this:

MJD: Are we starting at the headwaters, or ending at the headwaters?
Mazi: Starting.
MJD: Can we pee in the origin point?
MJD: . . .
MJD: Did I just ask that?
MJD: I don't know why that seemed like a perfectly logical question.
MJD: I blame the fact that I have a penis.
Mazi: Can we pee in the Ganges? Fuck yeah. If you want to. It's actually pretty clean up there, but very fucking cold.
MJD: Which automatically makes things like that cool
Mazi: Why? I have always wanted to pee in a holy river, who hasn't?
MJD: We can hike all the way to the end, presuming that Bangladesh isn't in on the Nuclear war between India and Pakistan.
Mazi: In fact. We should write a book together... about our adventures going to holy rivers, lakes, and seas and peeing in them.
MJD: Totally!
MJD: It can be called, "We Peed in Your Sacred River: A Travelogue"

Mazi and I intend to make some big hikes:

  1. Mount Olympus
  2. The Ganges, Headwaters to Delta
  3. The Appalachian Trail
  4. The Sahara Race
  5. Shikoku, the 88-Temple Pilgrimage
  6. Explore Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
  7. Lounge on the beach at Buzios, Brazil and find a third-world girl with a pistol in each hand
  8. Safari in Africa, in Masai-Mara
  9. Xochicalco, Teotihuacan, Yaxchilan, and Tulum (as well as other minor places)
  10. Sail to Tahiti (not a hike, I know, but vitally important. If you don't understand, watch the movie I Sailed to Tahiti with an All Girl Crew)
Obviously, we need more rivers to pee in.

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