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The House of the Gods

When the gods sought to build the first house, there was an argument over where to begin.

The sky god wanted to start with the roof of the house, for he knew what destructive power might visit upon their work. Overriding what the other gods said, he laid the shingles out upon their frame.

All the gods marveled at the roof, for it was truly beautiful. No rain would penetrate the roof, nor would the wind. Seeing this roof, the gods renewed their vigour.

Knowing his ogre-brother, the North Wind, the West Wind next suggested they build the walls. The gods agreed, for they all knew the North Wind as well.

The god of crafts laid the framework for the walls while the forest god chopped the wood for the walls. Once the walls were put together, the gods were again impressed. No wind nor rain would blow through these walls, and even the war god could not pierce them.

The gods now sought to live inside the house. They went to where the roof and walls lay. Each of the gods struggled to raise his creations and put the house together.

As much as each god tried, the construction was too good. None of the gods could raise their own creations. After three days, the gods gave up, sitting down on hte earth and hanging their heads.

From nowhere a voice came, soft and quiet, but strong. The voice asked, "Sons, why did you not build the house from the bottom up? You cannot start at the top and work your way down. Create a solid foundation, and your house will stand forever. Go back to what you know, and your faith will be rewarded."

The gods knew who spoke; it was the earth goddess who had told them how to find the way. The gods immediately built a new house, from the ground up. The house stood better and longer than any house since.

The lessons the Goddess gave? Build your faith on a solid foundation and your house of faith will withstand all weather.

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