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Here are the Secrets:

0. Begin your Journey, for it is Complete.

1. Each man may Create what he Desires.

2. That All is One and One is All, created by a Force Greater than Itself, and that Force is Itself.

3. Thou Art God.

4. Thou Are Not God.

5. Look to Those Better, but Trust not their Words on Faith.

6. Death is a Permanent Transformation, and Life is Permanent Stagnation.

7. Good and Evil are the Same Force, Under different Guise.

8. Respect is Worth a Penny, and Humility is Worth a Thousand.

9. Those who Seek shall Not Find, for the Seeker is Always Found.

10. Children will Always Know; Adults will Know that Children Do Not.

11. He who is Humble has not the Ability; He who has the Ability is Humble.

12. Awaken the Powers Within to Harness the Ones Without.

13. The Card of Death does not Mean Death.

14. Know the Limits of Your Self, for it has No Limits.

15. Bondage is the Creation of your own Mind.

16. There is No Way Out except through Suffering.

17. False Knowledge is the Downfall of any God; take Care.

18. Creativity is the Force which Stagnates, and Stagnation is the Force of Creativity.

19. The World Revolves around You; The Center is not You.

20. Forgiveness waits where It can be Found, though not in the Hands of God.

21. A.M.E.N.

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