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Kissed by:

A. (middle school)
Girl from Owensboro, KY, one night in front of about 10 kids, all younger than us. She kissed me on the right cheek. It was, of course, a Truth or Dare game, and she was dared to do it. I found out later that she died in a car accident on the fifth of October, 2001.

M. (freshman year, OSU)
A great girl. I know I didn't make it clear that I had a girlfriend at the time. I wish I did. Then I might have kept her better as a friend. Saw her recently. She looks good, and I really wish we could talk more.

F. (May 7, 2004)
This one shocked the hell out of me. I was expecting a kiss on the cheek goodnight, and I ended up with a tongue hitting my teeth and trying to go further. I'm chalking this up to her being drunk as a skunk.


A. (November 1996~ish)
This was the first girl I kissed. She was really cute. She was Armenian with a pretty hot accent. Okay, so I wasn't particularly attracted to her, but she really liked me. I kissed her first in the hallway at St. Charles High School. What was I doing there? Do you really want to know? Yeah, I was at a chess tournament. In my defense, I think she joined the team because of me, not the chess. About two weeks into us, um, kissing (I can't say "dating" because we didn't actually date), she wrote me a note with the words "I love you," and I freaked. Didn't hang around long after that. I still think about her kiss sometimes.

M. (April 1997)
This woman cheated with me on her boyfriend. That was a disaster waiting to happen. She was Wiccan, which is possibly what first attracted me to her, but more likely it was the fact that she paid attention to me, dammit. So, anyway, we had a good time for about 2 months before she just stopped talking to me. She could have told me to cool it, or that she wanted to go back to her boyfriend, but she didn't. She just stopped talking to me. That's something I will not forgive her for, no matter how much she tries to apologize (and she's tried). Call me a bastard for that, but I think she was worse for what she did to me. If I don't attend my HS reunion, this one woman will be the reason. She could kiss, though.

K. (June 1997)
I never dated her, I only wanted to be friends. So what did I do? I kissed her when she was seeing someone else, so I'm a jerk. That's my thought, not necessarily hers. But nothing came of that.

F. (first month at OSU)
Sometimes I think I took advantage of F. But I'm very thankful that she remained a friend. I kissed her one night when she'd given up on the guy she was chasing, and we dated for about a month. It was a good month.

K. (November 8, 1997)
This one hurt. I broke up with F. for her, and I didn't even know what was going to happen. Stupid boy I am. Anyway, she called me predictable, which is a perception I wanted to change. So I kissed her. Stupid me, I moved too fast. I also found out later that she had a boyfriend. "Boot to the head!"

T. (February 17, 1998)
Well, we kissed, did some other stuff, and I lost a friend. That wasn't any good for me.

T. (March 4, 1998)
One night, spending time with me was apparently a better option than doing a paper on the regenerative growth of newts, so we went for a walk. I took her out to the arboretum, and in the middle of the labyrinth, she asked me what I was thinking. I turned to her, and said (I'm not making this up): "I'm going to kiss you." And I did. We Kissed pretty darn good for over seven years.

K. (March 17, 2001)
Kissed her on the cheek at her wedding. Hey, it counts!

J. (May 2, 2004)
Kissed on the lips after a Beltaine rite. It was meant to be a friendly kiss, but I realized at that moment that kissing people other than my girlfriend makes me feel dirty. And not in a good way. I never thought about kissing another woman again until T. broke up with me.

E. (May 26, 2005)
It was the only way to win. She knows what I mean.

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