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Five Question Madness!

These questions are from NAilsChicK

Five Questions:

1) If the world was going to end and you were only permitted to take one family member while you watched the others die, which would it be?

My brother, of course. My parents, while I love them, have had a pretty good run. My brother's younger than I, so he hasn't seen nor done as much. He's got to be the choice.

This assumes, of course, that there is something to do after the end of the world, because it would really suck to survive the end of the world and not have anything to do after that. I think I'd rather go, if that was the case.

2) Have you ever wanted to open a business for yourself, and if yes, what would you sell?

What every Pagan dreams of: my own shop. But, unlike other Pagan/Metaphysical shops, mine would be open 24 hours a day, so that if you were doing a midnight ritual and ran out of dragon's blood resin, you could stop by and pick some up. It'd be a discount store, kinda, but would have everything needed. A Pagan Wal-Mart, if you will.

Failing that, operating at odd hours (i.e. from 5 PM to 10 AM) would be ideal. I was actually just thinking about this today.

3) How would you react if Hussien really did nuke us?

Well, I'd either be a mass of irradiated flesh (if I was lucky), or I'd be freaking glad that he chose New York over Columbus. Then I'd probably look at the flaws in his plan and mention that he obviously didn't plan it well. I did that on Sept. 11. I figure I'd have a similar reaction.

4) What do you think is your worst personality trait; and how does that compare to what others think your worst trait is?

I dwell a bit too much on the past. I relive things in my mind, wondering why I didn't do them differently. Despite my attempts to accept the past as what it is, I still find myself unhappy with some things. There are things I wanted to do, things I should have done, and about 15 girls I damn well should have kissed. But it's all in the past, and it can't be changed. Hindsight is 20/20.

My worst trait, according to others, might be my ego. It's the only thing I can think of, but I don't receive a lot of criticism from my friends. Of course, if they only knew what I really thought of myself (everything from looks to dreams to fears), I doubt they'd really bother with my ego.

5) What sort of things (words, actions, art, music, looks, etc.) make you go "weak in the knees?"

Ya know, I don't really think about that. Music and art have never done it for me. Neither is terribly impressive, usually. Looks of lust are pretty good, though some coyness needs to be involved. Surrender never hurts (maybe I should date only French people?), though I'm not dominant. I like equality, but the willingness to give and receive has to be involved. I don't like power over/under relationships at all.

Flowers would be nice, occasionally. No one has ever bought me flowers.

Certain things will turn me off immediately, such as people asking me more than once, "Are you polyamorous?" Physical arousal is not the same as emotional arousal, either, since I've been aroused by women more than once (heck, I'm a good, healthy man), but I will not act on that arousal unless *I* want to.

 NAilsChicK recently sent me a second set of questions.


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