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Five Question Madness!

A second set of questions from RTJ. Check out her legs (and webpage) here!

Five Questions:

1) What is your favorite part about lovemaking?

Simply being able to show my GF that I love her.

2) What is your least favorite part about lovemaking?

If there's no connection, or if it's one-sided, it's pretty useless to me..

3) What is your greatest fantasy?

Sometimes it's hard to tell when life moves as quickly as it does. I have to go the wuss route and say two women (i.e. my girlfriend and another girl we agreed upon). But it's imperative to me that my GF agree to something like that. I wouldn't enjoy it if she didn't. It's also imperative that they pay attention to each other, too, but not leave me out :).

I like to tell women who are interested in me to take it up with my GF. Most of them don't, for some reason. . . It would be a nice surprise for me if they would :)

4) Would you ever be completely nude in public, if it were only a group of friends that you were with? (i.e. co-ed skinny dipping)

Been there, done that: ADF national meeting about a month ago. Sat in the hot tub with 3 girls and two other guys.

Otherwise, I've taken group showers before, sat in saunas, and showered outside (also at Wellspring). Nudity isn't a big deal to me, but I'd probably rather be wearing clothes :) There's little about my body that I'm proud of, aside from the fact that my stomach doesn't overhang my belt by too much. But I'm certainly not ashamed of it. The kicker is that I'm of the opinion that some people should simply not wear certain clothing (spandex and belly-shirts are privileges, not a rights), so I'm conscious about placing a tougher standard on others than I have on myself. That's just wrong.

5) Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or commando? ;)

Depends on what I'm wearing, and how low the laundry is. When I was fencing, it was briefs. Any other time it's usually boxers. Commando only under ritual garb or hiking/camping stuff.


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