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The Hawthorn Tree

Dedicated to my Hawthorn, who stood in the Chadwick Arboretum until the winter of 2000. In memory of him.

Tonight I mourned the Hawthorn tree
Who I had bonded with my soul
To help protect myself in times of need.
Six months ago I did not know
Why my life suddenly confused,
But now I see that his protection
Was gone from my heart.
I will keep that Hawthorn’s memory
In my Heart and in my Head
Though blood did tie my life to his
And nothing can replace his strength.

When I mourned tonight
The Hawthorn tree gave me wisdom:
“Go to her, and protect her as I did you,
And know that my strength,
My love and my protection
Is yours to give to her.”
Knowing this I turned away
For the Hawthorn had done his duty.
Though my blood is still pained
By the loss of a brother,
His strength lives on through me.

Tonight I saw her late,
After my mourning was done.
With her beautiful eyes upon mine
I swore to the Hawthorn tree
That he would live though me.
I know she doubts me sometimes
That she gives up hope and sighs,
But I will always be there for her
Through my life and through my love,
And I hope that she will do the same
When I need her in my arms the most.

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