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Protection Spell #1

Sickle                   (for Fire)
Red Altar Cloth          (for Fire)
Black candle             (to absorb that which you need protection from)
Hawthorn's Thorns        (for Protection)
Dagger                   (for Fire)

Preparation: Go to a Hawthorn tree and spread the altar cloth out on the ground before the tree. Place the sickle on the right, the candle on the left, and the dagger in the middle.

Casting: Light the candle. Visualize the black wax absorbing all the negative energy that comes your way and burning it off. As it burns, the energy dissipates with the smoke. Ask that you be protected unconsciously; that is, even when you don't think about it.

Take the sickle in hand. Visualize yourself reaping/cutting down all negative energy that comes your way. Ask now that you be protected when you do think about it.

Lift the dagger. Prick a finger or cut your hand where you know that it will not bleed much. Touch the blood to the hawthorn tree's thorns, and say,

"With this blood I bond myself to this tree, and this tree to me! Protect me, O Hawthorn! Give me the unconscious shell of your wood, and the conscious shell of your thorns!"

Visualize yourself becoming one with the Hawthorn tree. Enter its wood and feel its protection.

When ready, clean up your tools and place the black candle somewhere you will see it, but it is somewhat inconspicuous to others. Every time you see the candle, visualize the negative energies being absorbed by it. Burn the candle every new moon to banish negativity.

Before leaving the tree, if you feel so inclined, you may take the thorns of the Hawthorn and weave two together into a cross. Wear that around your neck until you feel confident and protected without it. Then bury it beneath the Hawthorn it came from.

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