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Using Indo-European Liturgical Language, Question 1

Translate the following liturgical phrases into your Hearth Culture Language:

My hearth culture language is Gaulish, and for this I used a combination of attested Gaulish words (mostly pulled from Chris Gwinn's dictionary), some Labarion work (headed by the Celtconalang Yahoo!Group), and the work of Ariotanos Iuranantatios and his "Outline of Neo-Gaulish Religion, v. 2.0" posted to the same Yahoo!Group in late 2003 (though no longer available in their archives).

Because Gaulish is almost a purely reconstructed language (especially in filling the gaps in declensions and conjugations), getting these phrases forced me to mismatch various sources to obtain something that looked like Gaulish. I'm unsure that these translations would really fly with a Gaulish speaker, but as there are no Gaulish speakers left, I'm going to trust in the Gods and Spirits appreciating the effort more than the spelling, pronunciation, and conjugation of verbs.

English PhraseGaulish PhraseLiteral Translation of Gaulish
We are here to honour the Gods.Dibu e debu, dilizos rodimos cei immus."To the gods and goddesses, loyalty bringing here we are."
So be it.a.) Esti!"It is."
b.) Su esti!"It is good."
c.) Ollo esti!"It is whole."
Ancestors, accept our offering!Wenjadewoi, anson rodija gabiete!"Holy Ancestors, our offering accept!"
Nature Spirits, accept our offering!Taladewoi, anson rodija gabiete!"Holy Animals, our offering accept!"
Deities, accept our offering!Marodewoi, anson rodija gabiete!"Great deities, our offering accept!"
Sacred Well, flow within us!Nemet-sulios, entra usgabies."Sanctuary well, within may you rise!"
Sacred Tree, grow within us!Nemet-bilios, entra usgabies."Sanctuary tree, within may you rise!"
Sacred Fire, burn within us!Nemet-Tanos, entra loscisei."Sanctuary fire, within may you burn!"
Let the Gates be open!Duocricos bongont."Portals, may they break!"
Gods, give us the Waters!Marodewoi, medus rodisete."Great deities, mead may you give!"
Behold, the Waters of Life!a.) Bitu-medus, welite!"The life-mead, we see!"
 b.) Bitu-linda, welite!"The life-drink, we see!"
Ancestors, we thank you!Wenjadewoi, suos bratos!"Ancestors, you we thank!"
Nature Spirits, we thank you!Taladewoi, suos bratos!"Nature Spirits, you we thank!"
Deities, we thank you!Marodewoi, suos bratos!"Great deities, you we thank!"
Let the Gates be closed!Duocricos, ollos sentutus."Portals, whole may they be."

I also translated other phrases that might be of use in ritual, since I had everything set out and ready. Everything from here down is not required for the SP requirement, but I wanted to do it anyway:

English PhraseGaulish PhraseLiteral Translation of Gaulish
Let us approach the sacred grove.Nementon comeimu."To the sacred grove, we go together."
I pray to the Gods and Goddesses.dibu e debu, uediiu."To the gods and goddesses, I pray"
I celebrate you (pl)Nemnalijumi suos."You I celebrate."
I celebrate you (sing)nemnalijumi te."You I celebrate."
Seer, take the omen.Uatis, sag."Diviner, seek."
Between the worlds.Inter bitowes."Between worlds."
As above, so below.Ver esti, its esti."It is above, it is below."
All is as it was before.Ollos esse are, buetior"All as it was before, it is."

Single words and concepts that are useful:

English PhraseGaulish PhraseLiteral Translation of Gaulish
Upperworldnemos bitus"Heaven/sky world"
Middleworldmedion bitus"Middle world"
Underworldandernos bitus"Under world."
Confluencecondatis"confluence" - use for 2 powers?


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