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Magic 2, Requirement 8

Describe three workings you have done that had demonstrable, intended results. Explain what those results were, how the working was conducted, and how the result appeared to manifest. (min. 600 words per working)

Working 1: Cashflow Working

In May of 2007, my bank account had all but dried up. I had no money in savings, and none in my checking account. Furthermore, I had no available credit on my only credit card. I had just finished a trip to Europe as well, and so I had very little available cash. At the lowest point, there was exactly $1.37 in my checking account, a level at which I would rest for two full weeks before payday unless I did something.

I am not one for money spells: I believe in working hard for your money, and in not being ashamed to state exactly where you are. I also believe that a person can make it through anything with just two things: willpower and a strong faith in the Gods.

To that end, I realized that what I needed most was to bolster my willpower with that faith. On the horizon were Wellspring and the Komen Race for the Cure, neither of which I could afford at the time, but both of which were very important to me and my Grove. So, I set about with a bit of a money-working.

I chose to do a full ADF ritual, and in the "workings" section, make a specific request of the Powers: "For my money situation to remain manageable, without going below zero in my bank balances, and to have enough money for the rest of this year to get by." In return, I made an offering of $25: the last of all the cash, change, and collectable coins I owned in the house, and enough to pay my entrance fee for the Komen Race for the Cure. I also stated that I would trust in the Powers, and not ask a soul for money. "This money, representing the last of my accessible cash, credit, and coin, is set aside not for myself, but for others. I trust in the Powers to provide for me and to help me through the rough spots. I will not ask for any other assistance, but neither will I refuse it. My will, as stated before, is in your hands."

I closed the ritual and thanked the powers, and then went to register for the Race with Maggie, who knew nothing of the working (indeed, I told no one of the working until late September, and then I told only Kirk).

Within two days of the working, I received $100 from an anonymous source through PayPal, a donation system I had rarely (if ever) advertised in the past. This was enough to both get me to Wellspring and to purchase a small amount of food. I would basically subsist for the next three months, eating lightly and never spending beyond my means.

In early August, though, I was again worrying about my financial state, and I wasn't sure I would afford my mortgage and other payments. I stopped anything that cost money, from haircuts to oil changes in the car, and even refused to drive across town to visit my girlfriend when a gap between checks became too much. It was then that the real magic occurred.

I received a check from my father which surprised me to no end. It was an early birthday present, and it was far more than I had thought possible. I had never asked, nor mentioned that I would like money. And yet, here was a check that solved two months worth of worry immediately. I wrote a thank you note to my father immediately, and for the first time in many years, felt that "I love you" was not something that could just be understood, but that also had to be written out specifically for him. I felt loved and cared for deeply, and I wanted to ensure that he felt the same way.

As of this writing, just prior to the end of 2007, I am still scraping by. The $25 I spent on the Komen Race for the Cure is one of the most potent offerings I have made, and it has changed my opinion about what is really important when it comes to money. I count this ritual as a full success.

Working 2: Healing for Matthew

At the Midnight Flame Festival in Michigan, Kirk was asked to do a healing ritual for one of the attendees, Matt. Matt has an affliction in his bowels that causes extreme pain and discomfort, known as Crone's Disease.

While Kirk was asked to do this healing, he required help because the process he had in mind would require action during the waxing moon, which he was unable to perform. Because of this, I was asked to do the second step in the ritual, after helping with the first step, which was done at the main ritual at Midnight Flame.

The original ritual, as well as the ritual I did, focused on Ratri, Thor, and the Matre (identified as Celia, Stella, and Shirley; each ancestors of either Matthew or Kirk). We utilized the entire Core Order of Ritual for both the initial rite and the follow-up rite, focusing on the Return Flow to give us blessings enough to manage the ritual.

For the portion of the working I did on my own, I took a candle and placed the following into it: a silver star to represent Ratri, a silver hammer representing Thor, and I carved the word "ALU" in runes for the Matre.

My full write-up is best read in my own hand, which I scanned in before sending them to Matthew: Page 1 | Page 2

We provided Matthew with the following instructions: "Burn this candle when you can be near it, such as when you are working at your computer. As you light the candle, chant the words, 'My body will heal and my spirit will heal!' When the candle has burned all the way down, either burn it in a hot fire, silver and all, or bury it."

Shortly after the first part of the rite at the festival, Matthew was feeling better. I have heard that the condition has subsided dramatically since the working, presumably in response to the burning of the candle.

Working 3: Selling Jenni's House

Selling Jenni's house was something I very much wanted to help with: at the time, the house needed to be sold, and in her area, it was not a seller's market. When I was invited to help with the working for the sale, I was quite happy to be a real part of it.

On April 28, 2007, she called me and asked me to come down to help out with a magical working to sell the house. I agreed to do so, and drove down for the evening. When I arrived, we discussed exactly what we thought we should do, and settled on the wording for the intent of the working. The wording was this (or close to it):

"This do I ask: that an offer be made to buy my condo, that National City Mortgage approve that offer and that the sale go through without problem and speedily; that I walk away owing nothing more on the house or to anyone else because of the house; that I move out and move on in June... and in return, I vow that when you have done this for me, when I get to my new home, I will create and dedicate to each of you - Vesta, Fortuna, and Mercury - your own shrines; I will write prayers honoring you; and I will extol you to others. This do I vow, as you are my witnesses. As Michael was my witness during the ritual, may you also be my witnesses to this vow."

Part of the key to this was the phrase, "I vow that when you have done this for me. . ." Originally, this was supposed to read, "I vow that if you do this for me. . ." but in discussions, we decided that the use of the word "when" was not only more appropriate to a magical working (traditionally), but it helped to set the intent firmly in our minds and state it more definitively to the cosmos. I believe it was a key to our success in this working.

The ritual we did was a full ADF ritual, from start to finish, as Three Cranes Grove, ADF, has come to practice them. We even included chants and some of the odd prayers (such as the "Universal Spirit Prayer") that the Grove uses. The working, transcribed above, was done in the workings section of the ritual.

Most of my own involvement in this ritual was centered around supporting Jenni's work (as it was, after all, her house and she was the primary magician at work). I carried out some of the ritual functions, but the brunt of the magic I did was lending energy and support to the working in any way I could find during the ritual, as well as offering suggestions and support before, during, and after the rite.

The omens for the rite were very positive. They began with an accidental omen: the Outdwellers offering was a dove dark chocolate piece, and on the inside of the wrapper was a quote, "If they can do it, you know you can." We almost decided that this was the omen for the entire rite, but chose to take an additional omen as well, with Jenni drawing the Gull from her deck of bird tiles. This had particular significance to her, as it indicated a connection with Mercurius.

After the ritual, Jenni let me know that she'd call me if anything came of it. We both believed, at that time, that something would come of it.

The following morning, I received a call from Jenni, who had just heard that an offer was put in on her house. By the 14th of May, the house was officially sold. Our intent was realized very quickly and very powerfully. It is now up to Jenni to complete the working by holding up her end of the bargain, which I know she will do. She was looking into shrines the day after the ritual was over!


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