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Old TOPY Proverb Say:

"See a cliff, jump off."
    -Old TOPY proverb

I found this quote full of relevance to myself, and to my life. There are so many cliffs that I see, that I break through the treeline and find, that I look down from and wonder what is at the bottom.

There are ways down a cliff, of course, to see what's at the bottom. There are trails, ropes that can be hooked into and followed down, and probably even roads for those with an adventure handicap, but all these ways lack something.

Speed, ease, and effectiveness.

Roads wash out and leave you stranded. Trails sometimes don't follow maps. Ropes often don't reach.

The only sure way down, the only fast way down, and the only way that really, truly provides you an ally by default (gravity) is to jump. Gravity is a harsh mistress, but she will always bring you to a predictable place.

Before the horrified looks start, consider this: no matter how you choose to get down, you had to get up there in the first place. You made the trip. You've been at the bottom before. You've already done the hard work to get your ass up there.

So you have a choice: risk being stuck in the mud; lost; or short on rope going over ground you've already been over; or you can seek the only sure way down.

Which will it be for you?


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