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Five Question Madness!

These questions are from RTJ. Check out her legs (and webpage) here!

Five Questions:

1) What is your opinion of polyamory and why?

Polyamory is a perfectly valid lifestyle. . . for other people. I'm not interested in it myself, nor do I ever expect to be. It appears to me to be cheating the other person out of something that you should be giving them: everything you have. There are also issues of STD's, trust, and maturity in a relationship.

I've been pestered about it before, and it always annoys me when someone can't see that monogamy is really a valid alternative to polyamory, and that I've made my choice. I especially don't understand it since polyamory tends to be, in my opinion, extremely oppressive to women. But maybe I read too much into it?

I've heard the arguments for it, and they aren't good enough for me. It all comes back to trust and honesty, and I don't think that most people are mature enough to be so brutally honest that the risk is eliminated. Adding sexual partners to a relationship compounds issues beyond belief.

There's an interesting commercial I saw yesterday, actually. It asks you to think of how many partners you've had. It assumes, for the sake of argument, that you've had ten. Then it assumes that each of those people have had ten. And each of those, of course, has had ten. Suddenly, you've been exposed to 1,000 different people, and of those 1,000, 1 will have HIV/AIDS, 367 (or something like that) will have genital herpes, and 500-some will have another STD. Makes one wonder.

Yes, it's a smear campaign against teen sex, but is that really a bad thing? If those stats are right, I'll stick with monogamy, Thanks :)

2) If you could go anywhere for a short (two to three week) vacation, where would it be and why?

Either hiking, or somewhere that the weather suits my clothes. It's a real tough choice between the two. There is nothing like the solitude of a good hike to make the world seem small and trivial. And there's nothing like hotties on the beach to make you remember that life is full of adventure.

3) Milk or dark chocolate and with or without additives such as caramel, toffee, etc.?

White. Mainly because white chocolate is not real chocolate, because chocolate is not very good, in my humble opinion. And don't put anything in it.

4) What book (fiction or non-fiction) affected you the most and why?

The Illuminatus! Trilogy is up there, because that's the one that appears to have opened my pineal gland. An old worn copy of the AD&D Second Edition Players Handbook also has to be up there, since D&D taught me vocabulary, math skills, and creativity. Crowley's Book of Lies was high on the list, too, despite the fact that I don't get it, because that book made me stop dealing with the garbage put out by crappy Pagan authors.

But really, I'd have to say that the internet is the thing that has affected me most. It's not bound, but it is, by Webster's second definition, a book, as it is "a long written or printed narrative or record". It's expanded my horizons immensely.

5) Favorite meal?

I love a good steak. A cheeseburger never killed anyone, either.

RTJ recently sent me a second set of questions, too.


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