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Magic 2

Magic 2 is a continuation of the Magic 1 course from GSP 1, and begins moving us away from the magician's place in the IE world and into the practical world of working with your own relationships with the Powers, self-examination, magic in ritual, and demonstrating your competency with magical skills.

Exit Standards:

1. Describe the difference between a "magical" ritual and a "religious" ritual, including if there is a difference and why there is or is not. (min. 300 words)

2. Describe magic as it exists in one non-Indo-European culture, describe how it has influenced or could influence the magical system of an Indo-European culture, and describe what lessons you could take from the non-IE culture into your own personal practice. (min. 600 words)

3. (Crossover Requirement) Keep a journal for five months detailing the trance work that you have done. Write an essay based off those journals that examines your practice over the time you journaled. The essay should describe how you use trance for your magic, whether trance has helped your magic, and particularly how trance and magic have played off each other in your personal work. Entries occurring less than weekly will not count toward completion of this requirement. Your journal must include work from the exercises found in the support material for this course. [This requirement's journal matches up with requirement 10 in Trance 1: see required and recommended reading for that course for further information] (min. 1000 words)

4. Discuss the role of the Three Kindreds in magic, particularly in your personal practice but also in ADF's cosmology. (min. 600 words)

5. Discuss three different instances of magic done in every ADF ritual, how the magic is accomplished, and what makes that particular work magic. (min. 300 words each instance)

6. Discuss the use of song and poetry in magic within your hearth culture, and explain how you have used music and poetry in your own work. (min. 300 words)

7. Detail your understanding of why self-understanding and introspection are critical for the magus at any stage and how you intend to pursue a course of self-understanding. (min. 500 words)

8. Describe three workings you have done that had demonstrable, intended results. Explain what those results were, how the working was conducted, and how the result appeared to manifest. (min. 600 words per working)

9. What three modes of magical work do you find most appealing, and why do you find them so interesting? How have you used these modes? (min. 600 words for each mode)

10. Explain how you determine if a magical working is the proper action in the situation you wish to apply it to. Describe your method of determining the proper magical course of action, from start to finish, as well as any particular exercises (such as divination) you go through to ensure that your actions are correct. (min. 600 words)

11. How can the magician serve modern society? (min. 300 words)


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