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Theatre for Ritual 1, Question 7

Write a statement of purpose for a rite of your choosing and one invitation for each of the Three Kindreds. Submit a video (of no more than ten minutes of total length) of your performance of all four pieces.

Statement of Purpose: Imbolc (Gaulish)

Imbolc Statement of Purpose

As our ancestors did before us, so we do now, and so may our children do in the future. We have come together today to celebrate the feast of Brigando, the feast of Imbolc. We also come to make offerings to the Nature Spirits, the Ancestors, and the mightiest of kindreds, the Shining Ones. Today, we celebrate the return of life.

Now is the time of stirring, a time when the land begins to soften and the waters begin to flow. And though at this time, the snow may be upon the ground and the bitter wind may still blow; we know that the days are lengthening, the world is becoming brighter. Each day brings us closer to that time, when we will spend greater time with our family and our friends. Each day moves us closer to green pastures, to crops yeilding, and to herds going out into the hills. And each day that lenghtens brings us more time to be with those that we love, friends and family all.

So, today we begin by making our offerings to the Earth Mother, to Inspiration; we open the Gates, we call forth, and we make offerings to the Kindreds and Brigando. Let us celebrate new life, and let us engage in it. Let it be part of us, as we are part of it.

So now with joy and reverence, let us make offerings at the sacred center.

Ancestors Invitation

Ancestors Invitiation

The Children of the Earth call out ot the Ancestors!
Hear us, Mighty Dead!

You who went down dark pathways,
Who lit torches for all those who follow
To find their way:
You who offered the first sacrifice,
You who received the first cup of blessing,
You who did the first great work.
We offer you welcome.

To the spirits of this land,
Those whose hearts are tied to it:
You whose memories are bound to it,
We call out to you.
We offer you welcome.
By remembering you,
We tie ourselves to this land.

To all the Ancestors of those here gathered,
Grandmothers and Grandfathers all,
You whose memories we hold in our hearts:
We call out to you
And offer you welcome

Ancestors, we call to you.
Though all your names are not known to us,
All your names are known to the fire in the mound.
We know that fire,
And we call out in its name to you.

So, O Ancestors,
Meet us at the boundaries,
Guide us and ward us as we walk the Elder Ways.

Ancestors, accept our sacrifice!

Nature Spirits Invitation

Nature Spirits Invitation

The Children of Earth call out to the Spirits of the Land:
Hear us, those who dwell in this place.

Though it is cold outside,
Though the greenery has barely begun,
Though you may sleep beneath the ground
Or high in the trees,
Nested warm with your companions:
Know that we have built a warm fire
And we call out to you on this cold day.

Spirits of this place,
Those that move amongst the trees,
Those who know the ways,
Those who are here always.
We call out to you:
We assure you that we stand in harmony with the world,
And we offer you welcome.

Spirits of the Growing Green,
Those who poke through,
Who ask: Is it yet our time?
Spirits, those that come up,
Those that seek the sun,
We offer you welcome.

To all our allies,
Those who aid and guide and challenge us.
Those who walk with us down dark roads,
And bring a light that warms our hearts:
We offer you welcome.

Come to our fire, Nature Spirits.
Meet us at the boundaries.
Guide us and ward us as we walk the Elder Ways.

Nature Spirits, accept our sacrifice!

Shining Ones Invitation

Shining Ones Invitation

The Children of the Earth call out to the Gods and Goddesses:
Hear us, O Shining Ones!

To all the gods and goddesses,
First children of the Mother,
Who honour her as we do you:
Know that we sing your praises this day.
We offer you welcome.

To the deiteis of this place,
Those who have been here since time immemorial,
Those who play amongst the trees,
< Whose light touch and carress can be felt upon the wind.
We offer you welcome.

To all of our patrons and matrons,
Those who guide us,
Those who walk with us,
Those who challenge and love us.
We offer you welcome.

Shinging ones, we know that you have won the waters for us.
That each time we drink deeply of them,
We do so in honour of you.
Shining Ones, we are grateful.

So, O Shining Ones, come to our fire,
Meet us at the boundaries.
Guide us and ward us as we walk the Edler Ways.

Deities, accept our sacrifice!


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