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Liturgy Practicum 1: Domestic Cult Practice in ADF, Question 4, Entry 1

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Week beginning 08/14/06 - Starting Out

I started the week seeking merely to continue my own practice, but with a keener eye to what, exactly, that "practice" was.

The Liturgist Guild Study Program, which prompted this examination and journal, has a requirement reading:

Keep and submit for review a journal documenting the development and observance of the personal/household worship customs described above covering a period of not less than four months, including one observance of a seasonal festival, such as one of the eight ADF High Days. Entries are to be not less than weekly. The text of individual prayers and longer devotional rituals should be provided as frequently as possible. Regular practices occurring less than weekly will be considered if they are documented as revivals or reconstructions of historically attested observances occurring less than weekly.

The "customs described above" include morning devotionals, meal offerings, or seasonal observances.

I am fortunate, really, that I have carried my Dedicant Work forward in such a way that I am already engaged (at least ideally) in daily devotionals.

These devotionals occur, again ideally, after I have showered and dressed in the morning and before I leave my house, and also in the evening, as the last thing done before bed.

I particularly wished to look closer at my current practice before opening up and making a more elaborate practice occur. To that end, this week was spent with no change to my normal devotional practice.

I did, though, do something I have never done before: I recorded my prayers at my altar.

Usually, I say and think nothing, or so I thought. As I look at my practice, though, I see that I do, indeed, say or think things during the time I had previously thought of as mostly "silent" and "open."

I ended the week with two prayers, done entirely off-the-cuff, that I managed to record.

After a return from a trip to Chicago where I saw an old friend I haven't seen in years:

Monday, August 14, 2006

Thank you for a safe trip.
Thank you for keeping us all safe.
Thank you for holding me close.

Several other days passed. On Thursday, I said another prayer at my altar in the morning.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I try, but I cannot live up to your standards.
Give me the strength to be the man I want to be.
Hold me up, bring me home.
Help me act with

Wisdom, Vision, Piety
Courage, Integrity, Perseverance
Fertility, Hospitality, Moderation.
Help me, hold me.

Looking ahead to next week involves looking back. I used to say a form of Grace before meals, and I'd like to bring that particular practice back.

I wrote an invocation printed in Oak Leaves a couple of years ago. I want to add this to my meal blessings.

Eris good and strong and bright,
Make this food safe tonight.
Anthrax, chicken pox, and hugs:
Please keep at bay such thugs.

Kitty claws and dragon teeth
Do not contaminate my beef.
My veggies and salads green
Are not replaced with dolphin spleen.

Eris, O mother Discordia and Poof
Take this as prayer, not spoof.
Through your guidance and strife
May we see our lessons in life!

I expect this addition of prayer will help.

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